Firefox Nightly WebVR Demo

Before testing the demo I would suggest implementing the following configurations from Mozilla's site.

Oculus runtime 0.8-beta (direct mode only)
Geforce drivers v. 358.70-beta (as per the 0.8 runtime page)
Firefox Nightly w/ following flags (set via about:config )
* dom.vr.enabled: true
* gfx.vr.mirror-texture: true
* layout.frame_rate: 75 (to match DK2 refresh)

Also this page uses WebRTC and will ask you to share your microphone. (You can talk to others visiting the same page)

Space Room Demo

Double click the screen to send to Rift.


W: Move Forward
A: Move Left
S: Move Back
D: Move Back


Right click and drag left or right to turn.